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Rearchitected a Monolithic Legacy Software into Flexible Business-Driven modular Microservices bringing in benefits around – Pricing, Flexibility, Stability, Scalability & Delivery Agility.

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AWS DevOps is Amazon’s way of implementing DevOps philosophy on the AWS cloud with dedicated tools and services.

AWS DevOps is a set of cloud-based services that allow developers to quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage applications.

This blog explores what AWS has to offer in this regard in its kitty.

The DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) comes out of Google’s research group of the same name best known for their work in a six-year program to measure and understand DevOps practices and capabilities across the IT industry.

For a DevOps Practice manager, DORA is the primary measure that captures the metrics and provides a measure of the efficiency of the team.

AWS Batch dynamically provisions the optimal quantity and type of compute resources (e.g., CPU or memory optimized instances) based on the volume and specific resource requirements of the batch jobs submitted. and executes batch computing workloads across the full range of AWS compute services and features, such as AWS Fargate, Amazon EC2, and Spot Instances.

DevOps mandates Change in Culture within an organization.

This article will explore – what does this cultural change look like because of the implementation of DevOps and its potential pitfalls.

The purpose of this article is – by no means to take sides – on either good or bad of DevOps, but to highlight the things to be wary of and take measures leading to improvements.

General Overview of what is and how to choose a CM tool for your Organization.

IAC makes provisioning of newer infra so much more quicker & the entire process more efficient as it allows for all the tedious and boilerplate tasks to be performed faster and more precisely compared to a manual effort by an Infrastructure engineer and we will discuss about the current tools in the market and their efficiency.

This article provides a conceptual overview of DevOps on Microsoft Azure. It will give you the information necessary to understand how services, tools and technologies can be combined in order to successfully deploy applications into production.

The Azure DevOps service is a suite of integrated services that provides an end-to-end solution for modern software development.

In this article, let’s attempt to perform a Like to like comparison between the most popular configuration management systems — viz. Chef, Puppet, and Ansible. The idea is  to provide an overview of the three to enable an easier decision on choosing a tool for your organization’s usage.

DevOps has gained momentum within all industry sectors since at least last 5 years, and there are many models to get this going. Could outsourcing DevOps be the trick that most enterprises need? And what about DevOps as a Service? Let’s take a brief look.