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Leverage... Agility by DevOps

We get your systems fully managed under DevOps -customized to fit your IT landscape; bring your IT to industry standard – both by Training & Implementation; automate Deployments & enable efficiency

No matter the tech – we help you enable DevOps …

Why is DevOps Important for your business ?

All businesses need to change their IT quickly and DevOps enables exactly this Quick change – by not actually changing any Software, but the processes and thinking that Developers follow – to build and modify software.

With DevOps all software development processes are automated to the extent possible allowing for faster, agile and on-demand business enablement. 

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”
Charles Darwin

... And how does DevOps achieve agility?

To achieve all the agility, our DevOps practice uses multiple tools and concepts including – continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), continuous deployment, infrastructure as code, configuration management, release portfolio management etc.

DevOps supports the Agile development methodology and they both shares many of its values with each other.

“To successfully implement continuous delivery, you need to change the culture of how an entire organization views software development efforts.”

DevOps As a Service Offering

Under DevOps As a Service offering, at a very high level, we engage  with application teams / leads to –

  • Understand Version control process – branching / releases
  • Automate application Development flow – Compilation and build process (end to end automation)
  • Build Packaging Mechanisms including Containerization with parameterization
  • Deployment to Cloud Environment
  •  Setup automated process for all the steps above
  • Train developers and provide documentation 


As part of the service offering, Application or Microservices Hosting options are also available.  

Benefits of Implementing DevOps

DevOps has many benefits, some key ones are – 

  • Reduced time to market: MVP of any product, app or change can be quickly launched, without massive release cycle dependency

  • Enables innovation – quick deliveries and PoC’s enable faster innovation without multiple team and infra dependencies

  • Responsible development – As each developer is also responsible to support their own code, along with developng small software chunks at a time, it improves the quality of development reducing overall quality

  • Higher Customer satisfaction – Faster development keeps both internal and external customers happy, as they get to see the end product evolve.

Migrate Legacy Applications Build to DevOps

Most of the legacy applications have custom built deployment scripts, which are shared among the developers, with custom local deployment models. 

We can – with minor customizations or with completely new scripting – set up a DevOps processes with fully automated deployment methodology, for your legacy builds. This will be the first step towards As-Is migration of legacy systems to Cloud.

Connect with us to understand feasibility of such a Migration, we will provide a no-obligation assessment and quote.

Continuous Delivery & CI-CD Services

We can help with:

  • > DevOps maturity assessment
  • > DevOps Consulting leading to Plan & Rollout
  • > Convert current build into Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) 
  • > Continuous delivery and continuous integration – Setup 
  • > Legacy Application to DevOps Migration
  • > Microservices Build templating & enablement in Cloud or Datacenter

Connect with us to understand feasibility of such a Migration, we will provide a no-obligation assessment and quote.

Specialists to Build and Migrate Softwares as MicroServices

Leverage our expertise to get faster development churn, time to market and more importantly achieve agility.  Reach out to us to find the art of the possible. 

we also work on ....

Microservices - Your Solution as a Collection

Building Microservices based solutions for your business – either a Web based Portal or a Business functionality with no UI or a Business Rules Engines (BRMs) based solution implementing Rules and hosted on Cloud and secured using SSO or other Auth mechanisms. 

Integrate Microservices on Cloud with OnPremise

Migrating existing Applications which are on-Premise or on Legacy technologies, into a fully Microservices based Architecture as atomic functionality driven desparate services interacting with each other via APIs, and secured using Key exchange based solutions.