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Who are we ?

We are Tech savvy bunch of developers who love to code and create meaningful business solutions to solve real business problems in safe and secure enterprise environments. 

Our team is based out of London, UK + India, offering a best of Cost efficiencies. We are a team of Niche technologists with great Enterprise Software Development experience who are excited to work on the cutting edge technologies for our customers. 

Again, we are quite open to Tech, “latest” is just our preferred option. We love to host it on Cloud, whether it is –  AWS, Azure or GCP – just let us know. The solutions we build are Cloud independent (unless otherwise explicitly asked for not to be).

We offer DevOps – including platform setup on Cloud along with building Microservices, APIs and of course Integration into which all go hand in hand

Why we are different?

Well … its mostly that we are good at what we do, so that helps. 

Then repeating a proven concept – both in terms of architecture and development, mostly based out of proven market products – which were one of our first products we worked on.

A pre-set CI-CD pipeline, and container ecosystem are further add ons.

With all this, Customers can be assured of quick and credible delivery everytime. 

Super Efficient

We Love to call ourselves that. We like building Microservices which are stable, bug free and well integrated

Deeply Commited

We moto to build trust with our clients by delivering quality software, driven by passionate and well qualified team, delivering great products every time

Highly Skilled

Software coding is what we are passionate about, and we have developed a skill to improvise everytime, adding value to our customers


Complete Logistics Solutions Partner


AWS Platform Partner

CC and C Solutions

BIAN Training and Consulting Partner


Software Vendors (ISVs)

We are Open for Partnerships from ISVs, in order to build Software Delivery capability, as an extension to the Proefssional Services capability. This acts as a win-win for ISVs and your Customers alike. We bring in Reliable & Flexible Delivery Capability, while still keeping Costs low for the ISV. 

Consulting / Businesses

We are open for Businesses to build CoE (Center of Excellence) as an extended capability to their existing IT capability (or) as a Core capability

BridgeApps UK

Sourcing & Recruitment

Recuitment Countries
  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • United Arab Emirates
  • France (starting soon)
  • Germany (starting soon)

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