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Build Microservices and Digitize Systems by moving to Cloud


Integrations into Other existing Systems or Partner Systems

Cloud Enablement

Enable Solutions on Cloud based implementations


Increase Agility in Microservices Delivery by automations

Build ...


Solutions as a collection of Microservices integrated via APIs and hosted on Cloud. Define UI, Public or Private APIs via REST / JSON, SSO or Secure Integration with other OnPremise or Cloud applications and third parties.  

Perform ...


Integration between multiple Microservices, applications, SaaS Systems and Partner Systems, over multiple protocols and technologies, enabling data transfer and improving business agility and ROI

Move to ...


Move your applications on to Cloud – reducing Overall Infrastructure and Hosting Cost – either by lifting and shifting, if permitted technologically or by rebuilding as Microservices, ensuring system integrations and data migration are intact.

Leverage ...

Agility by DevOps

Embed DevOps into the Software Delivery lifecycle to achieve automated rollouts to remove manual steps, reduce errors, increase team agility and scale beyond small and isolated teams.

Migrate Legacy Systems to Microservices

Split your Monolithic Applications into interrelated independent Microservices while retaining Data Integrity and  System Integrations.

Connect with us to talk more about Application Conversion / Migration.

System Integration on Cloud or Premise

Our Integration capability can integrate with your current Systems or Microservices or other SaaS Solutions – on cloud or on Premise or perform Hybrid Integration 

Connect with us to talk more about Integration Requirements – without without Microservices

Engagement Models

Value based Proposition

Engage with us on a “Value Based Proposition” where we will engage with you on a outcome basis, providing better transparency and responsiblity for the outcomes.

More Suitable – when you aspire to Build on greenfield aka from scratch – either a Application Migration to Cloud as Microservices (or)  new proposition for Business. 

Build as you go (T&M)

Engage with us on a Time and Material (T&M) basis, where our skilled team members will be embedded within your team, adding value to your teams dream.

More suitable – when your existing team is looking for additional hands for specialist knowledge  on Architecture, Microservices development, DevOps or CI-CD.

Microservices in a Vendor Product and its Business Implications

Abstract: Explore Microservices in a Vendor Product and its Implications to your IT in Embedding the solution within and existing System landscape.
D Kuruppath

Microservices Integration Options

Abstract: Explore multiple Integration options with Microservices based architecture. How these Integration options are different based on different requirements.
D Kuruppath

Hybrid Integration between Cloud hosted and On-premise applications

Abstract: This paper explores options for integration between Cloud hosted applications and applications hosted on Premise. Most common scenario during application transitions.
D Kuruppath

Let us push Digitization to the organization's forefront

Work with our hands on specialists to understand the possibilities exploring options to take in the digitizations route, exploring Microservices and Integration Options 

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