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SSO Bridge

Connecting Identities as Single Sign On

What is SSO Bridge ?

SSO Bridge is solution based on Open Source Technologies to configure  SSO between Multiple Systems in an Organization in a cost effective and quick way.  

SSO – or Single Sign On – is an authentication scheme that allows a user to log in with a single ID to any of several independent, software systems allowing a user to log in once and access services without re-entering authentication / credentials everytime.

Using SSO Bridge, we extend the SSO functionality for connecting either – different and varied systems  (e.g. Order Management and Financial systems) within an Organization, or, similar systems across multiple Sub Organizations – for e.g. HRMS across multiple Organizations.

More Details ...

SSO Bridge comes with Pre-Integration to few Industry standard IAM – Identity and Access Management systems, allowing customers to choose from / or utilize connections with multiple IAM systems at same time, resulting in an SSO experience. 

We currently rely on Open Source IAM technology for the Identity federation, though other Commercial and SaaS offerings could also be considered to implement the same solution depending on the requirement.

And there are many more benefits … (read on below)

Use Cases

Typical SSO Bridge Use cases include

  1. Group Systems: Organizations with similar system across multiple sub organizations, within the same Corporate Group, for e.g. multiple HRMS  berween each of the group organizations
  2.  Multiple Systems: Multiple systems within the same organization, and users can login into these systems via SSO
  3. Other?… Discuss your Use case with us to help us understand and advise appropriately.


  • Users can login into different Systems via Same Credentials
  • Users will need to Login just once for all Systems in Org, esp with MFA, which could be tedious
  • Streamline Leavers Process – so a user id needs to be locked out centrally, when someone leaves the organization
  • Change roles/ permissions Centrally to provide access to a specific system (or) remove as needed 

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We are on the other side of email / phone if you have any questions.

Tech Stack

This tech stack is FOR REFERENCE ONLY. This solution can integrate with products in ANY OTHER TECHNOLOGIES, irrespective of your Tech Stack. 

  • Keycloak 
  • Java / Spring Boot Microservice (if needed)
  • AWS  (default cloud/ can be changed on request)

Launch Process

As a Cloud Hosted Service
  • Request a service launch 
  • Identify Systems, their configurations, connectivity details
  • Configure IAM based on requirements 
  • Integrate Systems as needed
  • Test and Go-Live


  • BridgePay doesnt add a large amount of Opex to the already heavily cost laden Payment infrastructure. 
  • Fees are very minimal compared to the benefits / cost of consultancy needed otherwise to deliver a similar solution – as this is a ready to use standardised solution.  

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