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Recruitment - Technical Architects

Experienced | Tech Appropriate | Due Deligent

Services Overview

We leverage our Niche IT capability to identify resources with the right skill set for our clients with experience in the domain of choice

What started as a add-on services where Clients requested for team members with specific skill sets to augument their existing resource pool, ended up as a Service offering. 

Our Experienced team of recruiters and the channel connections now provide a well oiled Onboarding service – of working with for our clients, to identify, interview and onboard team members.

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Project Manager

DevOps Specialist

Business Analyst

IT Architects

Core Technologies
JAVA  / C++/ Python

Web Technologies
NodeJS, REACT, Angular, Php, Lavarel

Cloud, Unix/ Linux, Windows  

Engagement Models

MODEL 1 : Engage with us on a “Value Based Proposition” where we will engage with you on a outcome basis, providing better transparency and responsiblity for the outcomes

MODEL 2: Engage with us on a Time and Material (T&M) basis, where our skilled team members will be embedded within your team, adding value to your teams dream.

Super Sourcers

We Love to call ourselves that. We identify, and filter out only ready to place candidates with the right domain knowledge and technical skills.

Background Checks

We take care of all relevant background investigations and reference checks to ensure that the right candidates join the talented resource pool.


Agile workforce involves leaving workforce to be refilled with similar capability and skillset, ensuring smoother transition and business continuity.

BridgeApps UK

Sourcing & Recruitment

Recuitment Countries
  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • United Arab Emirates
  • France (starting soon)
  • Germany (starting soon)

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