Bridge Apps Ltd. is a IT Innovation partner and CoE Solution Company.
We specialize in Cloud and Integration specific tools, especially as an Enterprise, Integration and SOA implementation.We specialize in Spring / Java (or) Software AG webMethods as the Core Technology Stack.
Our aim is to supply to our customers, current and new, with high quality Software Products / and services at the best prices available and with excellent delivery quality.


Consulting: Specialization


We are TOGAF Certified specialist consultants around Application Integration (EAI) and Business Process Management (BPM) Solutions. We specialize on:

  • SOA Implementation. Maturity Assessment & Implementation
  • Application Integration Planning & Execution
  • Migration Risk Planning / Migration Risk Analysis (Dependencies Quantification)
  • Design and Build BPMs
Products: Plugins and Processes

Cloud based Digital Enterprise Tools

We build specialist Cloud based Digital Software.

We have products around:

  • Enterprise tooling in a Cloud hosted Environments. For e.g. Configs.Cloud - a Configuration Management Tool
  • Tools on Software AG webMethods platform for a streamlined Integration delivery. We have a number of plugins on this platform that you could leverage for your integration practice.
  • Standards based approach for many functions in a typical Integration lifecycle including releases, development and testing. Check RolloutMan

SOA Implementation

SOA & Microservices

Introducing mature Service Orientation to your platform.
Introducing Service orientation of your business functionalities involves SOA at every level. We can:

  • Assess your current SOA maturity
  • Introduce SOA based integration practices
  • Analyse and recommend SOA approaches to integration problems
  • Articulate SOA governance approaches & practice.