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Business Solution for Payments

What is BridgePay ?

BridgePay is a Secure Micro Service available in – Ready to Use (or) Readily Deployable Modes  – a  Software offering Online Payments Capability for a variety of Business Use Cases.

BridgePay connects with (read – integrates with) multiple Payment Options for your customers to make payments. This is a Standard “Ready to Use”  Software to collect payments and offers simple integration with existing ERP’s, Financial or Accounting Platforms. 

BridgePay offers simplified and effortless (and far cheaper) Configuration based Switching between Payments Gateway’s,  Enabling Payment Modes, Simplified Integration options with enterprise / business systems – all without the need to know the underlying Payment Setup and Launch Complexity .

More Details ...

BridgePay comes with Pre-Integration to multiple Industry standard Payment Gateways, allowing the customer to choose the one that works right for them, based on the Business use case and the needed capability.

In case of a need to change the Payment Gateway, leverage the configuration switch to be able to switch to the new payment gateway, without changing your Payment Page (or) any business disruption.  

And there are many more benefits …

Use Cases

Link based Secure Payment Use cases – for e.g.

  1. Invoice Payments: Payment Links embedded within  Invoice ( documents/  emails / online web page)
  2. e-Commerce UseCase: Payment Collection from a e-Commerce website after Order is collected
  3. Payment links sent via WhatsApp, Telegram, Emails or any digital platforms. 
  4. Others… Discuss your Use case with us to help us understand and advise appropriately.


  • Simplified process for diagnosing payment and refund matters.
  • Streamlined transition to an alternate payment gateway provider.
  • Quick integration with your current solution or product.
  • Elimination of the intricacies associated with integrating with a payments provider.
  • Exemption from the necessity of comprehensive PCI / DSS certification concerns within your company, as payment processing occurs externally on a third-party cloud platform.
  • Provision of support for multiple currencies. Customers can pay from Overseas and amounts will be deposited to the right Bank account.

Read on for more information ...

We are on the other side of email / phone if you have any questions.

Tech Stack

This tech stack is FOR REFERENCE ONLY. This solution can integrate with products in ANY OTHER TECHNOLOGIES, irrespective of your Tech Stack. 

  • Java / Spring Boot Microservice.
  • MySQL DB
  • Redis Cache
  • API Gateway (KrakenD)
  • Nginx Proxied
  • AWS  (default cloud/ can be changed on request)

Launch Process

In House - Launch As a Microservice
  • Request a service launch 
  • Collect metadata e.g.  Payment provider, bank account details, launch URL, configure Authentications / Services  …
  • Launch of Service on Customer Cloud / Customer Environment by BridgeApps in Cordination with Customer teams
  • Integrate with existing Systems
  • Test and Go-Live

SaaS - Ready to Use Service
  • Request a Ready to Use Configuration 
  • Collect metadata e.g.  Payment provider, bank account details, launch URL, configure Authentications / Services  …
  • Configuration of Service – by BridgeApps
  • Integrate payment Intent Request – by BridgeApps 
  • Launch Payment Page per Customer Design – by BridgeApps
  • Test and Go-Live

Pre-Integrated Payments Gateway

Card Payments
  • Stripe (Default)
  • Barclaycard Payments Gateway solution
  • WorldPay Payments Gateway
  • …. request any other 
Credit Systems
  • Klarna (In Progress)
  • Clearpay (In Progress)


  • BridgePay doesnt add a large amount of Opex to the already heavily cost laden Payment infrastructure. 
  • Fees are very minimal compared to the benefits / cost of consultancy needed otherwise to deliver a similar solution – as this is a ready to use standardised solution.  

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