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Invoice Bridge

Invoice Generation as a Service

What is Invoice Bridge ?

A Readily deployable Invoicing Microservice designed for Enterprises / Busineses  with seamless integration of invoice generation capability with your existing solutions or products. It offers effortless implementation, straightforward launch, and immediate usability, all without interfering with your established business operations.

Invoice bridge manages most common Invoicing use cases and is strong on Integration with Enterprise Systems, offering quick and value added service for most cases, esp in tandem with BridgePay services  

More Details ...

Invoice Bridge is a Robust Sophisticated (not Complicated) Business Grade Invoicing capability allowing for lots real life business use cases, for Enterprises / Businesses.

This System is cloud hosted and is available as  SaaS hosted or  Deployable Microservice modes, and is Secure for Business use cases. 

Easy to Integrate using its APIs, this invoicing system is available to integrate with systems for a variety of Business and Group use cases, including Multi Currency based on Client specifics and different sharing modes.

Use Cases

Typical Invoice Bridge Use cases include

  1. Generate Business Invoices:  Business Invoices – Client Specific, Org Specific, to be generated considering a different template (design),  Client Addresses, your Bank details (multiple),  currencies (multiple) etc.
  2. Centralised Business Invoices for multiple Org Companies in the group, to be run through a central system, allowing multiple ERPs to integrate to a central system
  3.  Multiple Invoice Sharing Modes – through Emails, or upload into a central location e.g. AWS S3 (or) uploading into another system (streaming) (or)  making it available as a hosted invoice based on a Link .
  4. Other?… Discuss your Use case with us to help us understand and advise appropriately.


  • Effortlessly generate invoices in a variety of formats, catering to diverse preferences and requirements.
  • Store Invoice formats specific to a client
  • Integrate with SAP or other ERP / Enterprise Platforms – re pricing / order information.
  • Seamlessly send invoices via email to a multitude of clients, ensuring swift and convenient delivery.
  • Maintain an organized history of invoices, providing easy access to past financial transactions.
  • Record and archive sent emails alongside invoices, facilitating a comprehensive overview of communication for enhanced transparency.

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We are on the other side of email / phone if you have any questions.

Tech Stack

This tech stack is FOR REFERENCE ONLY. This solution can integrate with products in ANY OTHER TECHNOLOGIES, irrespective of your Tech Stack. 

  • Java/ Spring Boot microservice.
  • MySQL DB 
  • Nginx Proxied
  • AWS  (default cloud/ can be changed on request)

Launch Process

As a Cloud Hosted Service
  • Request a service launch 
  • Collect metadata  launch URL etc.
  • Launch of service
  • Integration with solution /  Testing to be carried out  in conjunction on a per request basis.


  • BridgePay doesnt add a large amount of Opex to the already heavily cost laden Payment infrastructure. 
  • Fees are very minimal compared to the benefits / cost of consultancy needed otherwise to deliver a similar solution – as this is a ready to use standardised solution.  

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